Thursday Devotional

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by: Lori Dial

 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

As you read through Exodus, do you ever get frustrated with the Israelites? I do! The Israelites grew up hearing their ancestors’ stories of God’s promises to the father of their nation, Abraham.  As an old man with no children, God promised to make Abraham’s descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. They were proof of that promise! It was because of the size of their great nation that they were in slavery.  Thankfully, they learned enough from the stories of their ancestors to cry out to God to save them from slavery…but in the midst of the saving, they couldn’t see it.  They were so focused on the physical circumstances right in front of them (the Red Sea) and those behind them (the Egyptians closing in quickly) that they lost faith and desired to be back into captivity in Egypt.  (This is where I get off my high horse and get on my knees.)  You see, I’m just like them.  When God sent my family to Texas last year, on many steps along the way, it simply did not make sense.  Especially, 10 months later, when He said, “Ok! Now go back home.”  What?  Why in the world?  When we view the physical circumstances only, it is not clear.  However, just like when you zoom out on a map, your location and the pathway to your destination becomes more clear—as we stop leaning on our own understanding of the circumstances and continue to trust God through the process, His plan continues to reveal itself.  Like the Israelites, when we’re standing in the deep weeds of a situation watching the enemy approach with only deep waters in front of us, we must trust in the Lord!  His provisions and plans do not always line up the way we hope or understand, but WE MUST CONTINUE TO TRUST!

Dear Heavenly Father, as I look back over the circumstances of my life, allow me the ability to see through your eyes the ways you have led me and guided me to where I am today.  Please highlight them for me. Please forgive me when I chose the wrong path.  Please reveal the next steps you’d have me to take.  Please give me strength. I’m trusting you with my path!

I challenge you to road map the stepping stones of faith in your own life.  Write it down so you can go back to it later and add to it and so your children and children’s children can know that it was the Lord that parted the waters in your life to bring you to where you are or where you need to go next.

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