Bethlehem Revisited Volunteer Guide

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Bethlehem Village Volunteers

            Thank you for volunteering to work in the village of Bethlehem. While we know that we cannot be 100% authentic in everything we do, we want to give the visitors as much as we possibly can. For that reason, we ask that you keep the following things in mind as you serve.

IMPORTANT! Please be in your costume and out to the village a few minutes before 6:00.  We will have a very brief meeting around the well in the village at 6:00.

*Those working inside will need to go to their designated areas and the leader of each area will outline your responsibilities.

Dress – Right now the temperature is predicted to be in the mid to low 30’s each night. You want to dress accordingly. If you need extra warmth, please wear your warmer clothes UNDER your costume. If you wear gloves, they need to be black, brown, tan or white. Hand warmers will available each night. Wear dark (black or brown) shoes. Remove all jewelry except for wedding rings. You can wear your glasses if you need them to see. If you have questions about what is or is not appropriate, just ask.

Stay in Character – Speak only about things that people in that day might speak about. Please do say “shalom” to our visitors and guests. You may ask questions if they bring up modern topics. Stay in character no matter who you are visiting with in the village (even friends, neighbors and family members.) No Cell Phones. You can have them with you for emergencies, but please silence them and find a place away from visitors if you must use them. Also, we ask that you not bring food or drink into the village so we can keep it as authentic as possible.

Also to help stay in character, the ONLY part of the church building you should be in is the upstairs hallway where the costumes are kept. Only use the restrooms in that hallway. There will also be refreshments and snacks in the costume room. USE THE OUTSIDE STAIRWAY to access that hallway. DO NOT GO INTO ANY OTHER PART OF THE BUILDING (atrium, hallways, activity center) WHILE IN COSTUME. When going to the stairs or returning from upstairs, use the small gate beside the building. Time your movement to avoid any groups that may be moving through at that time.

Costumes – If you are only working for one night, be sure to turn your costume in upstairs before you leave. On Friday evening, there will be boxes at the entrance of the village and at the foot of the outside stairway to place your costume in before you leave. WE WILL WASH THE COSTUMES FOR YOU.


Thanks again for serving. We pray that someone will come to know Christ as their Savior as a result and that everyone will be reminded that Jesus Christ is who we really celebrate at Christmas!


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