Monday Devotional

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by: Lori Dial

“Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights: with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning.”

As children growing up in the South, one of many Southern graces learned almost from birth is to always say “Thank you.” When given a gift, paid a compliment, or assisted in some way, we were prompted by our parents to immediately repay with these two simple words: Thank you.  It’s not only a social grace or expectation but an insurance of gratitude for a kindness shown. It’s an understanding that it was through another’s act that we have been blessed.  From the moment of creation, God established himself as a God of order.  He put processes in place to ensure that man and the animals would always be cared for. He was the creator, but we are to care for what He has given us as well as others around us who are less fortunate.  Order is evident throughout nature, and for His people, God established laws that would keep His order in place. However, even before these laws were established, the act of tithing was taught.  It was much like learning to say “Thank you.”  Tithing was set in place to recognize the gift giver (God), ensure gratitude for the gifts in the heart of the recipient (us), and establish a plan for caring for the needs of the church and those in need (orphans, widows, and people passing through).  Tithing is a mindful act of grateful worship.  Just like it feels odd to not say “thank you” for a kindness offered, it will create tension when we do not give back to God what is rightfully His.

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