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JANUARY 17TH Psalm 24:1

by: Toya Aultman

“The earth belongs to God! Everything in all the world is his!”

I remember when my children were little, they would gather things from around the house and wrap to put under the Christmas tree for their Daddy and me. We’d open the present on Christmas Eve and be so thrilled to get this item that already belonged to us. It may have been a trinket off a shelf, or a bottle of perfume, or a book, but they were just giving us back what was ours to begin with. Did it make our hearts happy? You bet!

Pondering on this story made me think about our Heavenly Father and us, His children. When we give Him our tithe, aren’t we just giving Him what is already His? It may have been gotten in a different way, but just as a young child may “work” to find that perfect gift around the house for their daddy, we “work” to give our “Daddy” what is truly already His.

Just as our hearts loved the gesture and savor those Christmas Eve memories, don’t you think our Heavenly Father’s heart is made happy too?

Prayer: Most gracious Father, thank you for loving me and entrusting me to be a steward of your world. Help me to focus on the obedience of tithing and being faithful to you and not make it a money matter. It’s all yours, Lord, just allow me to make your heart happy with my faithfulness and obedience. Amen.

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