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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH Hebrews 11:19

By: Terri Smith

“And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised,”

What a help our pastors have been to bring our attention back to our Biblical heroes!!! What a lesson they are for us! Aren’t we thankful we won’t receive what was promised, as long as we live like our Heroes of Faith! 

Think about it though, the only way they became heroes of faith was of course, by listening to the Lord’s  direction, and their choices…not just daily but with their every step.

CHOICES, seems like such a simple word, but in reality, they determine our destiny. WOW! That’s heavy stuff!  But put simply, it all boils down to our, not day to day, but minute by minute decisions.  After all, that’s the only way any of these “mighty warriors” became who they were.

Do you consider yourself a might warrior???  You can be if you rely on the Lord and Holy Spirit for all your choices.

In Hebrews, we see examples.

We know that every one of those “mighty warriors” had suffered rejection at some point but their choices made them who they were!!

So today let’s choose victory over rejection, by allowing the Lord to take those feelings and change them so that we can experience victory, one step at a time!!!

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