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Bible Heroes by: Paulette Herring

Bible hero Nehemiah wanted to rebuild the wall which was in disarray around Jerusalem.  King Artaxerxes had given his permission and materials to do the job. When Sanballat, an official, and his group heard about this they mocked and ridiculed the Jews.  After they started rebuilding the wall a guard had to be posted day and night.  The Jews kept obeying God and continued building despite this opposition.  Then they had to have half of the people working and half protecting them.  When you do the right thing sometimes you will have opposition.  To finish the wall the people had to work with one hand and hold a sword with the other.  The Jews prayed to God and He helped them to complete the wall in spite of the opposition.

Remember 911 and how our country became more united.  We needed each other just as we need each other in our church.  We need to help each other, build each other up in God’s name.  Let your light so shine that others can see Jesus in you.  Can we do this?       

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