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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27TH Nehemiah 4:8

by: Terri Smith

“and all of them conspired together to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion.”

You know, if someone let me know  that I would soon be under attack, I  wonder, would I be able to continue the task at hand, and yes EVEN if I had directly been instructed by the Lord???  I’m not sure that I could focus…resulting in what? Confusion!! We must remember if there is confusion it is clearly NOT from THE Lord!

This to me is why we need to constantly be in the Word, allow Bro. Jason’s sermons to play over and over in our minds; and yes remember our homework from last week too, a steady diet of prayer, and be ready to serve! !

Father, please forgive me for getting distracted and therefore resulting in confusion.  Help me please to stay focused on You and your word! And everyone said Amen!!!!

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