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by: Nita Kay Freeman

“When he had received the drink, Jesus said “It is finished”.  With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

Jesus — King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Hero of Heroes!  The Almighty!  I can’t imagine how it felt that day, to be a family member, friend or follower of Jesus!  When I think about the pain they all felt, but especially the pain that HE felt, it is overwhelming, unfathomable.  As Jason told us, what did it take to heal the lame spiritually?  The same thing that it takes to heal us spiritually — HIS LIFE, the precious life of JESUS, his life on the cross,  Jesus’ journey began 33 years before in a tiny stable in Bethlehem and was finished on that cross.  IT IS FINISHED!  At that moment, it was finished for us, as believers, as well.  He took all of our pain, all our sins and FINISHED it as he bowed his head and died after suffering on the cross!

What does IT IS FINISHED mean?  It means it’s completed, it’s accomplished, it’s over.  One commentary says that “Those who are defeated go out with a whimper, but the victor announces his victory loudly and broadly:  ‘IT IS FINISHED’  That was the victory shout of Jesus!”  That shout was heard from the top of that hill around the world and still echoes through the world today!  It was a final act of obedience to His Father — He accomplished what He was sent here to do!

Takeaway:  May we all fulfill our duties to Christ, may be accomplish what God wants us to on this earth.  May we use this as an example of obedience and complete, accomplish and FINISH God’s purpose in our lives!

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