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EASTER -JESUS AROSE     by Paulette Herring

Before Jesus could arise on Easter morning, He had to die in agony on a cross so mankind could be saved from their sins.  All was dark but Sunday was coming.  The last words of Jesus on the cross were, “It is finished”.  This is an accounting term meaning paid in full.  As soon as he took his last breath the temple veil was rent in twain. All is dark but Sunday is coming.

Isaiah 49 tells us that our names are written on His hands.  Was He whispering our names as He was on the cross while asking His Father God for strength to finish well?  All is dark but Sunday is coming.

Early that Sunday morning as the dawn brought the sunlight, Jesus stepped from His tomb and brought to the world Hope, Joy, Victory, Purpose, Salvation, and Easter.  King Jesus is the greatest Bible Hero.  The stone was rolled away, the tomb was empty, Jesus was alive and He is the Hero of all Heroes.

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