ASM High School serves and reaches 9-12th grade students who represent 10 school districts in the Central Arkansas area.  At ASM High School, we are passionate about our relationship with Jesus and with others.

High School Students are at a pivotal place in life where they are searching to find their identity. We get excited about helping students find their identity in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Taking things deeper, we gather in smaller groups on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 9:30 to discuss issues facing today’s teenagers. Using the Bible as our map, and the Holy Spirit as our guide, we want High School students to be equipped to make wise choices in life.


We meet as a large group in the 110 Building (located across the street from the main Antioch campus) at 6:30. We’ve created a space where students can connect with each other, and where they’re challenged to take the next step in their walk with Christ.


Throughout the year, we provide unique experiences (camps, retreats, and conferences) for students to grow in community with one another, but also to experience God in fresh ways.


7th  –   Antioch 110 – Loser Kickoff

11th –  Harvest American at Perspective House

14th –  Antioch 110 – Loser #1

19th – 22nd – VBS Week

21st –  Antioch 110 – Loser #2 – Sundaes

28th –  Jeff Riddles – Loser #3


4th –  Leave for Georgetown TX at 7:00 AM

5th –  Georgetown TX – Leave for SOAR in Grapevine TX

6th & 7th – SOAR

8th –  SOAR – Return to Conway

12th –  Antioch 110 – Loser #4

19th –  Beaverfork Lake – Fish Fry

26th –  Riddle’s Hangar – Loser#6

30th – Incoming Senior Supper



2nd –  Antioch 110 – Boys/Girls Split Night

6th –  KNOW (Kids Night of Worship)

9th – Antioch 110 – Secret Church

13th –  Celebration Service

16th –  Antioch 110 – Back to School Bash