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FRIDAY, MAY 24TH Proverbs 21:21

by: Nita Kay Freeman

“He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life, righteousness and honor.”

That scripture captures a picture of Timothy!  Timothy was something we all strive to be and seek in others — he was LOYAL!

L       Lifestyle — Timothy’s LIFESTYLE exuded loyalty

O      Opportunity — Timothy did not let OPPORTUNITY control his loyalty.

Y      Youth — Although Timothy was YOUNG, He didn’t use that as an excuse.

A      Actions — Timothy’s ACTIONS spoke louder than Timothy’s actual words.

L       Love — Timothy truly LOVED God and those in his life

Oh to have a Timothy in our life — faithful and loyal to friends and most importantly to his Lord.

Prayer:  “Holy Father, may we be like Timothy.  Help us to be faithful, loyal and true to YOU and those in our lives.  Help our WALK to reflect our loyalty and honor to You.”

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