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THURSDAY, MAY 23rd 1 Timothy 6:11(a)

by: Shawn Hammontree

Men and women, hear me.  There is hope if you are caught in the terrible destruction of pornography!  I have seen people, young and old alike, be able to get out of this terrible web of destruction.  They had found that pornography was killing them and they began to fight desperately to be rescued.  They desired deliverance and they laid hold of the life preserver, Jesus Christ.

How can YOU do it? 

1.)  Earnestly desire to be free.  You have to want freedom so much more than you want the momentary pleasure or distraction of pornography.

2.) Earnestly pray that God would intervene.  Pornography, just like any other sin, can only be completely broken by the power of Christ.  That is done when we confess and repent of sins and allow Him to break the chains that we can’t break on our own.

3.) Earnestly seek counsel.  For some, that may mean a mature Christian friend who has a strong walk with the Lord.  For others, it might mean a professional Christian counsellor.  Can Christ alone fully deliver you?  Absolutely.  However, the vast majority of the time He sends someone in your life to walk you through this overwhelming obstacle.

Let what Paul told young Timothy become your battle cry, “But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness…”  Pursue Christ!  Pursue holiness!  Pursue purity!  Run from this evil towards the Christ who can and will rescue you!  Run as if your life depended on it…FOR IT DOES!  

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