Tuesday Devotional

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TUESDAY, MAY 21ST James 4:7

by: Terri Smith

“Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

I have no doubt that Timothy had to lean on this and other scriptures quite often, after all he was not a seasoned believer when he joined Paul in service. Timothy had been saved shortly before Paul’s second missionary journey. Talk about intimidation! This very seasoned Christian wants ME to join him in ministry?? (Sound like anyone else you know?) This is where focus comes into play bigtime. Timothy had such a love for the Lord and trust in Him that even his timidity didn’t stop him when Paul drafted him as part of his missionary team.

Wow!! What a lesson for us. Father,…please help me, to do as Timothy and be ready, but first ,help me to stay in your word so that I am prepared when you lead me to say or do anything.

Oh and Father, would you also help me remember that what seems insignificant to me is a BIG DEAL to you!

I love you sooo much !

And everybody said……. AMEN PRAISE THE LORD

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