Antioch 30 Live

Last fall, we set out to do something totally different. Each Sunday night we premiered a special online-only 30 minute lesson. With topics ranging from the basics of Christianity to Coronavirus and End Times, each speaker tackled a specific topic in a 3-week span. 

Back to the Basics

John Meriweather
In this series, John Meriweather takes us through the basics of Christianity. A great lesson for those who are new to the faith or who would love to have a refresher on the basics!

Dealing with Difficulties

Larry Martin
Larry Martin does a great job talking about how we can face difficulties with strength. Pulling from Job, we learn how to survive the tough times we may face. 

Biblical Stewardship

Steve Crawley
Biblical stewardship is an important skill that believers need to implement in their daily lives. Financial advisor and Christ-follower Steve Crawley introduces what biblical stewardship is and applicable ways to attain it in this 3-part series. 

Signs of the Times &
the Coronavirus

Jeff Swart
Is the coronavirus a sign of the end of the world? Is Jesus coming back any day now? How can we be preparing for the end time? Jeff Swart dives into all these questions and more as he discusses the end times and how COVID-19 fits into it.