An Update for
Bethlehem Revisited 2021

A lot of folks have been asking 'Will Bethlehem Revisited happen?' And I’m going to tell you, Bethlehem Revisited will happen December 7th, 8th, and 9th…Of 2022! It will happen next year!

Recently, when we were having to make a call of what we were going to be doing, it just seemed like wisdom dictated that we needed to push Bethlehem Revisited back one more time.

Bethlehem Revisited is without a doubt one of our biggest events, a shoulder-to-shoulder kind of thing with thousands of people. It’s very hands-on, 'here, hold this, feel this, taste this' and to have to pull back on a lot of those things seemed like it just wouldn’t be right.

So we decided to push it back one more time. We are anticipating next year when everything will be back and better than ever!”
                               —Pastor Jason Aultman