As we come into this Easter season, it is important for us to understand the significance of the events leading up to Resurrection Sunday. God, in His infinite wisdom, would weave together a tapestry of events that would be talked about over 2000 years later. It is our hope that each day you will travel with us back in time as we look at the last week of Jesus' earthly ministry before His death, burial and resurrection.

Each day, a new video will be posted that will bring you to an event in Scripture that has importance during this week. We want to encourage you to take time with family members to watch the videos and reflect on the Holy Week in preparation for the greatest day in history, Resurrection Sunday! 

Kids' Holy Week Walkthrough

Brian Ratliff, our Children's pastor, will provide daily videos that are age appropriate and valuable to children in grades kindergarten through 4th grade. Cindy Williams, our Preschool Director will provide videos for our preschoolers. We want to encourage families to watch these videos and discuss each day!


Pete Southall, our High School pastor, will walk with us through Luke 19:44-48 as we travel back to first day of the Holy Week. Click the link below to watch the video!


Gavin Roberts, our College pastor, will explain the significance of what happened on Tuesday of the Holy Week from the passage Mark 11:22-26.


On Wednesday of Holy Week, Bobby Tucker, our Director of Ministries, will be preaching from Luke 22:1-6. Click the button below to watch!


Pastor Jason Aultman walks through Thursday and the events leading to Jesus being placed on the cross. Click below to watch!